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Marketing your company and the Intangible

marketing a servcies company

If you are a professional service provider like SiliconCloud, you need marketing as much as the manufacturer of tangible goods needs it. Those who sell professional services face many of the same marketing issues as those who provide merchandise, although some key differences exist.

Are you making the most of your marketing and leads?

marketing leads sales

The goal of any company’s marketing team is to generate sales leads and, thereby, to increase sales. Monitoring sales inquiries and leads is the best way to find out whether your marketing program is working. When you can determine that a specific ad, trade show event or direct-mail promotion generated a particular sales lead, you gain true control of your marketing budget.

Marketing for your Wealth Management Company

marketing wealth managment

When old-line brokerage firms and investment banks dominated Wall Street, financial marketing served a limited purpose. Investors and financial product purchasers had more distinct, constrained choices. But although competition among firms and among products has increased geometrically, financial marketing companies have not adopted enough modern marketing techniques to be truly competitive. Financial products are not sold like traditional products or services. Often they are sold through a two-tier sales force comprised of wholesalers who sell to retail and brokers who present the products to the customer.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from SiliconCloud :-) 

Is your marketing capturing your customers’ dreams?

dream marketing

To please the new breed of customer, you must trigger their emotional impulses, which override their rational thinking. Companies must sell products and services that appeal to the dreams of their customers. You cannot rely on market analysis, consumer studies or product clinics alone. You need to be able to capture your customers’ imagination.

Double your business through marketing

double your business

To double your sales and profits, you need to envision your firm’s success. Emulate athletes who use visualization and intense focus to attain their goals. To see a strong future for your firm, use the “Painted Picture” positive thinking tactic. In a quiet place away from the office, imagine touring your incredibly successful firm.

Can social media work for B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing

Social media can turn you into a business-to-business (B2B) marketing superstar by cutting your costs, increasing your leads and helping you earn a measurable return on your marketing investment (ROI). Nearly three of four CEOs mistakenly believe that marketing executives cannot verify the correlation between their activities and their firms’ bottom lines – but with social media, you can.

The Role of Marketing

Role of marketing

Marketing is one of the more general terms used in business. It confuses people in other departments who want to know what marketers do. Sometimes it seems too general, but marketing does have a specific function in planning, provoking, meeting and confirming customers’ desire for the product, service or brand the marketer is promoting. What’s more, despite what many critics contend, marketing works.

How to improve your current advertising strategy

Improve Online Marketing

Advertising is a complex process; the idea is to build a creative that connects with potential buyers. It must be creative while staying grounded in the real world. It is expensive, so it has to produce measurable results. It must be conventional, yet imaginative. Companies are increasingly under financial strain and the result is the advertising business is in trouble worldwide. Agencies are becoming heavily dependent on their campaigns being led by metric this is zapping the creativity from today’s campaigns and fewer ads produce the desired result. Thus, new ideas are needed.

How to win at marketing today

Win at marketing

Everyone in your company should be part of the marketing effort to attract and keep good customers. Often advertising is ineffective and the power of selling is overrated, because marketers don’t properly research and plan. Success comes from being customer-driven. Prioritize customers over internal meetings and paperwork. The best marketing people sell continually. They are not necessarily in big corporate sales forces — in fact, many run their own companies.

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