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Creating Social Media Relationships


For those companies that have no existing social media footprint and therefore have the task ahead of creating and forging their social media base online, the challenge can seem daunting.

As with any task, it’s best to break the process down into stages. Two broad objectives exist: pre-relationship and relationship creation. The first task consists of the preparatory work necessary to establish the relationships and the second task involves putting that information into media

Of the preparatory work involved, there are a few stages. The first is to listen and understand. Get online, visit blogs, sites and discussion forums of interest. Get involved. Post comments to blogs, subscribe to RSS feeds and interact with users.

The next stage is to position and participate. Early on it’s best to establish an authoritative voice to lend posts and conversations credibility. Use the various social media platforms to distribute your knowledge. Create polls on LinkedIn and get into the habit of leaving tweets on Twitter.

Find and qualify is the next stage which means identifying the individuals, both colleagues and customers in relevant organisations. Establish their social media preferences and link to them through those platforms.

Part of this process will be increasing the visibility of the business on these platforms. It will be necessary to be so familiar with the set up and functionality of the various platforms so that the business can be seen to be an expert.

None of these sites are complicated to use; they just take a little time to get used to. Consistent use over a week or so will familiarise any dedicated user to a sufficiently knowledgeable level.

Knowledge of the various features available on individual sites will give the business the edge. This technology is still social media webinarrelatively new so users are surprised by new apps every day. Lead the field in ways to show and distribute information but go further. Invite reputable third parties to get involved in those conversations.

If you would like more information on how social media can be harnessed to boost your business online presence, contact Silicon Cloud today.


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