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SiliconCloud are excited to announce the launch of lead speed


Lead SpeedLead speed is a brand new solution from SiliconCloud that will aid in business development.

With all of the chaos in business, new technologies, strategies and information on digital marketing, it can be difficult to generate and maintain consistent leads.  Business development is a difficult task for any organization, and trying to identify what leads are “hot” can be a time consuming task. SiliconCloud have a dedicated team with a broad skill set, allowing them to offer this solution to all industries.  

SiliconCloud are a digital marketing firm that offer a wide range of services within sales and marketing. Their new product “Lead Speed” is designed to meet the needs of their clients who struggle to convert prospects into clients. SiliconCloud understand how difficult it can be to identify quality leads, and have a wide set of skills within their business to assist their clients and improve their sales pipeline.  

SiliconCloud has recruited and developed a team of digital marketing experts who have the ability to inspire and teach clients about inbound and Internet marketing. They specialize in finding new ways to fit solutions into their clients organizations with passion and creativity.

“We truly believe in inbound marketing and have strategic partners who enable us to offer our clients the latest solutions to their digital marketing needs. We have a strong passion and belief that digital marketing gives organizations an edge they never had with more traditional marketing methods.” Patrick Murphy, CEO.  

SiliconCloud consult with their clients and generate a custom program that suits their individual needs, market needs and industry needs. SiliconCloud work with their clients, while also educating them in lead qualification. This product promises leads on a consistent basis by utilizing key tools to qualify lead generation capacity. SiliconCloud work with their clients to develop their sales pipeline and lead flow process.  

Silicon Cloud's vision is to provide online business development in the form of business success technology and consultancy to businesses enabling them to leverage the Internet to "get found" by more prospects in their market and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into clients.

SiliconCloud can be contacted at their European or U.S. office.



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