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Purple Cow - 11/09/13


Getting ahead in the World of Digital Marketing is about stepping out from the crowd and showing businesses and consumers what makes you different from the rest. Thus, change is ongoing, especially with the emergence of various Marketing platforms. Businesses have to constantly change the way in which they market themselves in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the ever-developing economy.describe the image

While change is feared by many, it is embraced by most. Outside of the workplace, people are constantly looking at ways to transform themselves, which is the subject of this week's Purple Cow.

Here we see three Hamsters, enaging in conversation whilst flicking over magazines in what appears to be a hair salon. While the whole 'animals doing human stuff' approach appeals to the internet public - think about the countless animal-related memes that do the rounds daily - this ad has a deeper incentive, with 'change' the over-riding theme.

How about one more clue? Last week's Purple Cow was taken from Chrysler's Health and Safety based campaign promoting its new and improved airbag system in all new models. This week's Purple Cow also comes from an automobile manufacturer, but can you guess which one?

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Post by: Seán O’Brien


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