Closed Loop Marketing Activities

Marketing Analytics

Understand the effects of marketing activities on traffic, leads, and sales analytics

Do Sales value the leads you generate for them? Do you track those leads through the sales cycle so you can determine how much revenue a particular campaign generated?

Do you qualify leads that you generate and only send Sales the ones that are sales ready? Do you run nurturing campaigns for leads that are not sales ready?

  • Do you have a partner channel and if so do you track leads through this channel? Can you report to your board how much revenue your marketing budget generated?

These are all questions that can be answered if you close the loop between the marketing and sales processes within your organisation.

Inbound Marketing gives you the ability to look at your entire sales and marketing funnel – from prospects to leads to customers – and overlay your marketing activities on top of that. This gives you the ability to figure out what marketing activities drive traffic, and, more importantly, leads and customers. This closes the loop between marketing and sales, making both teams more effective.

We also give you the ability to see where your traffic is coming from – which websites, blog links, keyword searches and which other sources. This information is most helpful as you start to build specific landing pages for particularly productive links or keywords to improve the likelihood of converting those potential customers.