Competitor Analysis

Track the Web Presence of Your Competitors

Executives love to read and quote the ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, who famously noted in his treatise The Art of War that – if you are ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, then you are a fool and certain to be defeated in every battle -. Sun Tzu was talking about hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield, of course. But in the business world, he has become perhaps the poster child of competitive intelligence gathering.

The internet is flat. This means that every company, small or large, has an equal opportunity to get found by customers online.

But that also means that your site is competing with your business competitors for traffic in search engines and social media. Your competitors might be generating a lot of traffic from keywords you have not thought of. In this day of short attention spans, how are you tracking your competitors’ online presence to maximize your chance for being found by potential customers online?

Search engine rankings are a zero-sum game. In order to get to the top spot, you need to push somebody out. An inbound marketing system gives you the data and structure you need to make that leap. We can allow you to track the following key metrics for your site and competing sites:

  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Traffic Rank
  • Blog Rank
  • Number of inbound links
  • Bookmarks
  • Ranks Keywords