Inbound Marketing Program

What is Inbound Marketing?

Conventional marketing no longer makes sense. Ads are costly and people are paying less attention to traditional media. Inbound Marketing is about directing your marketing so that people will look for you and find you online.

SiliconCloud uses the full range of Inbound Marketing tactics that help your brand thrive. By increasing traffic to your optimized website and developing captivating content and landing pages, we turn traffic into leads. Then together, we nurture those leads into your customers.

Inbound Marketing is about going online!

Advertising once supplied the information people needed to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Today, people go to Google and other online search engines to find background data on your company.

The smart companies do not simply transfer their traditional promotional approaches to the Internet. You need to understand that the Internet is not a one-to-many broadcast tool, that is to say, a megaphone. Companies using a traditional approach on their websites actually drive visitors away. SiliconCloud works with companies to turn their website into a hub, where individuals can focus on your products or services and connect with you.

If you are still stuck in an outbound marketing rut, SiliconCloud will help you move away from your outdated approach and begin an inbound marketing program. We work with you to develop great content, optimize it for Google and social media sites, publish your content online, market it via the social mediasphere and then constantly measure how you are doing.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, inbound marketing and SiliconCloud help you build your brand and capture more qualified sales leads. We work with you to understand your goals and develop a cost-effective plan to meet or exceed them. The final result to our clients:

  • Increased website traffic and high-quality leads
  • More visitors converted into sales leads and more sales leads converted into customers
  • An optimized website, with landing pages and lead nurturing campaigns that maximize conversion rates and increase sales