About Silicon Cloud

What We Do

SiliconClouds vision is to provide online business development in the form of business success technology and consultancy to businesses enabling them to leverage the internet to “get found” by more prospects in their market and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into clients.

Most businesses have a website that behaves like their old paper-based brochures, but just sitting online. It is rarely updated, is not given significant visibility by the search engines, has low traffic levels, does not encourage return visits, does not enable/track conversions, etc. What we do is transform that relatively static website into a modern marketing machine that produces the right leads and helps convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities.

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What To Do Next

Online Business Development is different for every business, it can vary from just getting found online to expanding into new markets. SiliconCloud services are unique and it is this that makes us stand out from the rest.

The next step should be to assess where you stand at the moment. Start with a free report from SiliconCloud, that provides an Online Business Development Report for your website. We analyse and measure the marketing effectiveness of your social media presence and website. We incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. We also provide some basic advice on how your website can be improved from a marketing perspective.