Social Marketing

Business Tools for Social Marketing

Like search and blogging, social media can be a powerful way for your company to get found. By participating in online conversations, you can build trust for your company, attract new visitors to your site and generate new leads for your business.

SiliconCloud and HubSpot tools make it easier to participate in social media.

Social Media Reach

HubSpots reach tracking tool allows you to analyze your reach via your blog, leads, Facebook account and Twitter account. By quantifying and tracking reach over time, you will be able to measure the impact and progress of your social media marketing efforts.

Conversion Tracker

The HubSpot dashboard provides links to conversations across the Internet related to your business keywords. Instead of trying to keep track of articles related to your business on many different sites, HubSpot will keep track of them for you.

Web Voter

HubSpots?Web Voter feature gives customers a simple way to create a social news page on their site. Once the Web Voter module is added to your site, users can submit links and vote on them. As voting and link submission increases, your site becomes a hub of activity for discussion of industry issues. This leads to an enhanced reputation for your business, more inbound links and new leads.